How To Avoid Cleaning Agent Residue In Your Hamster Cage

Ensuring the health and happiness of your furry companion starts with a clean and safe environment. Your hamster cage is not just a home; it’s a space where your pet eats, sleeps, and plays. Cleaning it may seem straightforward, but the risk of leaving harmful residues from cleaning agents is a concern every hamster owner […]

Why is My Hamster Shaking? Causes And Solutions

why is my hasmter shakin-6 causes and solutions

Why your cute little hamster is shaking? Don’t worry, it’s pretty normal for these tiny friends to shake or tremble now and then. Most of the time, it’s nothing serious. But sometimes, if your hamster shakes a lot, it might mean they’re not feeling great or something’s bothering them. In this easy-to-follow guide, I’ll walk […]

Guinea Pigs Vs Hamsters: Which One Is Best for You?

Guinea Pigs Vs Hamsters Which One Is Best for You 1

Deciding on a small, fluffy pet can be a bit tricky. Should you go for a hamster or a guinea pig? It’s easy to mix them up. Both guinea pigs and hamsters are rodents, but they’re more like distant relatives than close family. Guinea pigs are from the Caviidae family, and hamsters are from the […]

Can Hamsters Eat Bread? Tips for a Healthy Pet

can hasmters eat bread

Can your hamsters eat bread? Yes, they can. but in limited amounts. Regular white bread offers little nutritional value for them. Therefore, it’s okay to give your hamster a few small pieces of bread occasionally. It’s a treat they’ll enjoy, and you can playfully imagine sharing breakfast toast. However, not all bread types are suitable […]

Can Hamsters Eat Celery: Including Stalks and Leaves

can hamsters eat celery

You want to give your hamster fresh, good food but might not know what’s safe for your small pal. With so much advice on pet care, it can get too much. You enjoy celery and wonder if your hamster can eat it too. We’ve looked into this for you and have your answer. Celery is […]

What to do when a hamster dies? Complete Guide

Is the hamster dead or asleep?

Losing a pet is always tough, and it’s important to know what steps to take when the time comes. This guide focuses on what to do with a dead hamster and some common questions you want to know. There are a few kind and respectful ways to manage after your hamster dies. If you’re at […]

What do I Feed a Hamster? The Best Dwarf Hamster Foods(Diet Guide)

hasmter and its food bowl

Every hamster enjoys eating! So, we’ve created the ultimate dwarf hamster diet guide for you to give your pet the right nourishment. We’ll cover the top dwarf hamster food options, nutritious snacks, and what to steer clear of. A well-rounded diet is key to making your little buddy happy and well. What are the best […]

Hamster Sand Bath | Everything You Should Know

What is a hamster sand bath? A sand bath is a very important part of a home for a dwarf hamster. Syrian hamsters also like sand (many enjoy playing in it!), but it’s especially important for dwarf types, like Roborovskis. I suggest having more than one sand bath! Sand baths are easy to understand – […]

Why do Hamsters Eat Their Babies? Reasons and How To Save Them

Why do Hamsters Eat Their Babies? Reasons and How To Save Them

It seems like something from a scary tale when a mother hamster eats her babies. It’s a real possibility, though, and it’s always upsetting to see. There are a few methods you can use to protect the little ones, but you need to be cautious. You won’t always be able to rescue them, but you […]

Why do Hamsters Run on Wheels? Everything You Need to Know

A hamster wheel is a common add-on for hamster homes, and nowadays, many come with one included. Hamsters naturally enjoy running, so they really like using exercise wheels. They can even run long distances during the night! But is a wheel necessary for hamsters? And why do they enjoy running a lot? We’ll cover all […]