NatureNest Hamster Cages

Explore the delightful world of “NatureNest Hamster Cages,” where comfort meets style for your furry friends. Our range includes the “NatureNest Wooden Large Hamster Cage,” perfect for spacious and engaging habitats; the “NatureNest Feeding Hamster House,” offering ease of feeding and interaction; the “NatureNest Hamster Acrylic Takeaway Cage,” designed for effortless portability and maintenance; and the “Woodland Hamster Cage,” blending modern design with practicality. Each cage boasts unique features like clear acrylic views, ample ventilation, and playful designs, ensuring a healthy, happy, and interactive environment for your beloved hamsters.


Yes, wooden cages can be suitable for hamsters, provided they are designed with safety and security in mind. Our hamster cages combine wood and acrylic sheets, offering a comfortable and secure environment. The blend of wooden accessories and acrylic sides ensures both comfort for the hamster and safety.

Reusing a wooden hamster cage is definitely possible. It’s crucial to deep clean the cage using hamster-safe products before reuse. Additionally, if you plan to use the same toys and supplies for a new hamster, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned as well. Learn more diy cage ideas if needed.

To protect a wooden hamster cage, use a pet-safe wood sealer suitable for both interior and exterior animal enclosures. This creates a waterproof finish that is safe for pets and environmentally friendly, ensuring the longevity and cleanliness of the cage.

Yes, the spacious design can accommodate multiple hamsters, but always ensure they are compatible to avoid conflicts. Learn more about hamster cage set up 101 for your furry friend.
While the wood is sturdy and durable, it’s natural for hamsters to chew. We recommend providing chew toys to divert their attention and protect the cage.

Absolutely! The cage comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The interlocking structure ensures a hassle-free assembly.

To stop hamsters from chewing their cage, give them safe things to chew. This includes wooden toys, ladders, little houses, and special chew blocks. These accessories help their teeth and stop them from chewing the cage.

Remember, it’s essential to regularly check on your hamster’s well-being and ensure the cage remains a safe and comfortable environment.