NatureNest Hamster Accessories

Discover the “NatureNest Hamster Accessories” collection, a curated range of products designed to enrich your hamster’s life, as like hamster houses, dried flowers, leak-proof water bottles, wood chew toys, wooden hamster accessories…. 

Each item is crafted with care and consideration for your pet’s needs. These accessories blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering everything from secure habitats to playful hideouts, ensuring your hamster enjoys a comfortable, engaging, and safe environment. Perfect for hamster enthusiasts who seek to provide the best for their furry friends.


Hamsters need a few important things in their cage. They need a wheel for exercise, a water bottle for fresh water, and a food bowl for their meals. Soft bedding is important for them to sleep and burrow in. They also need a small house or a place to hide to feel safe. Wooden chew toys are good for their teeth, and tunnels or tubes are fun for them to play and explore.

Yes, wooden toys are great for hamsters. They like to chew, and wood toys help them do that safely. Make sure the wood doesn’t have chemicals or paint on it. Don’t use cedar or evergreen wood because they can cause hamsters to have breathing problems.

Good things for hamsters to chew on are paper tubes, wooden treats, and dog biscuits. We also have safe hamster herb flowers. They’re good for your hamster and make their home look nice.

Safe wood types for hamsters include kiln-dried and untreated pine and spruce, which are commonly available for DIY projects. Poplar is also a safe option. Avoid using man-made or re-formed woods like MDF, plywood, or chipboard, as the glues used in these materials are not safe for hamsters. Click here to know more about wood types for hamster.

The best bedding options for the bottom of a hamster hab itat are aspen, spruce, or hemp bedding. These materials are similar to sawdust or wood shavings but are made from hardwood and are dust-free, making them ideal for hamsters.

Yes, hamsters and Degus can benefit from sand baths several times a week. While not essential like for chinchillas, they serve as enjoyable treats and contribute to maintaining a healthy, shiny coat. However, it is advisable not to keep the sand bath in their cage continuously, as prolonged use can lead to the drying out of their skin.

Remember, it’s essential to regularly check on your hamster’s well-being and ensure the cage remains a safe and comfortable environment.