Woodland Hamster Cage

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The ‘NatureNest wooden hamster cage‘ offers an innovative and comfortable habitat for small pets; a skillfully crafted, user-friendly natural enclosure that combines eco-friendly materials with modern design, perfect for pet owners who want a nice, safe, and fun home for their furry friends.



13″W X 9.84″H X 18.5″L
(33W X 25H X 47L CM)

Product Features

Eco-Friendly Wood Construction

The NatureNest Hamster Home is built with high-quality, eco-friendly wood, ensuring both durability and a safe, natural living space for your small pets.

Innovative Ventilation System

Featuring a dual-side hollowed design, this hamster home offers sustained air circulation, creating a fresh and healthy environment for your furry friends.

Interactive and Easy-Clean Design

The NatureNest Hamster Home has a skylight you can open with one hand and a clear panel that slides out for easy cleaning. It makes playing with your pet and keeping their home tidy super simple!

Aesthetic and Practical Structure

This home features a panoramic design for a 360-degree view. With its cool design and a roof that resembles flower petals, it doesn't just serve a functional purpose but also adds a nice touch to your home.

Detailed display

Solid wood support rods

When not in use, it can be placed in the top cover slot.

High-quality wood panels

High-quality density board, neat edges without blackening

High-quality solid wood

Durable, not easily deformed


The cage is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety for your hamster.
Our wood is treated with a non-toxic, pet-safe finish to ensure longevity and resistance to moisture.

Make sure to take out any leftover food in your hamster’s cage. Change the water every day. If the bedding near the water bottle gets wet, it’s a good idea to replace it. When the walls of the cage look dirty, it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

Yes, the spacious design can accommodate multiple hamsters, but always ensure they are compatible to avoid conflicts.
The basic cage does not include accessories, but we offer a range of compatible toys, wheels, and hideouts that can be purchased separately.
In the wild, hamsters are primarily found in arid regions, such as steppes, sand dunes, and the edges of deserts. They thrive in burrows that provide shelter and protection. Domestic hamsters should be provided with cages that mimic these natural conditions, including bedding for burrowing and sufficient space for exercise.
While the wood is sturdy and durable, it’s natural for hamsters to chew. We recommend providing chew toys to divert their attention and protect the cage.
Absolutely! The cage comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The interlocking structure ensures a hassle-free assembly.
The cage dimensions are optimized for hamster comfort, but specific measurements can be found in the product description.
Yes, the high-quality acrylic panel is designed to be transparent and scratch-resistant, allowing you a clear view of your hamster’s activities.

Remember, it’s essential to regularly check on your hamster’s well-being and ensure the cage remains a safe and comfortable environment.


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