Woodland Hamster Cage

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Panoramic skylights expand space, infusing fun into daily life.

🟩 Eco-Friendly & Safe
🧩 Interlocking Structure
🛖 Scientific Landscape Design
🛡 Sturdy & Bite-Resistant
🪟 Polished & Smooth

Optimized Ventilation System

Say no to stuffy and odorous cages! With ventilation holes on both sides, the cage maintains excellent air circulation, ensuring a fresh environment.

Nature's Embrace in Wooden Elegance

Merging functionality with aesthetics, this wooden hamster cage is not just a home, but a statement of care and style for your furry friend.

Unobstructed Panoramic Views

Experience 360-degree unblocked views, offering a comprehensive visual treat for both you and your hamster.

Spacious Capacity, Expansive Room

Enjoy the freedom to DIY within a vast space, crafting your hamster's miniature world as you envision. Suitable for housing multiple hamsters, its utilization significantly increases, saying goodbye to a cramped lifestyle.


The cage is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety for your hamster.
Our wood is treated with a non-toxic, pet-safe finish to ensure longevity and resistance to moisture.
The cage comes with a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. Simply remove the tray, dispose of the bedding, and wipe down with a damp cloth. Ensure the cage is dry before adding fresh bedding.
Yes, the spacious design can accommodate multiple hamsters, but always ensure they are compatible to avoid conflicts.
The basic cage does not include accessories, but we offer a range of compatible toys, wheels, and hideouts that can be purchased separately.
The cage features a dual-side hollowed-out design, ensuring consistent and fresh air circulation for your hamster’s comfort.
While the wood is sturdy and durable, it’s natural for hamsters to chew. We recommend providing chew toys to divert their attention and protect the cage.
Absolutely! The cage comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The interlocking structure ensures a hassle-free assembly.
The cage dimensions are optimized for hamster comfort, but specific measurements can be found in the product description.
Yes, the high-quality acrylic panel is designed to be transparent and scratch-resistant, allowing you a clear view of your hamster’s activities.

Remember, it’s essential to regularly check on your hamster’s well-being and ensure the cage remains a safe and comfortable environment.


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