NatureNest Bi-Layer Transparent Guinea Pig Cage

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The “NatureNest Bi-Layer Transparent Guinea Pig Cage” redefines pet living with its innovative design; featuring a panoramic acrylic view, magnetic ease-of-access, and multi-functional features like silent wheels and external bathroom. This habitat ensures a clean, interactive, and spacious environment, perfectly blending convenience with the joy of pet ownership, tailored for the modern pet lover’s home.



14.17″L X 10.23″W X 13.77″H
(36L X 26W X 35H CM)

Product Features


Boasts a panoramic acrylic double-decker structure, offering a transparent, full-view experience that significantly enhances interaction and bonding. The dual-level design not only maximizes living space but also caters to pets' exploratory instincts, directly impacting the quality of life and interaction between pets and their owners.


Features a unique magnetic suction and side buckle system for effortless disassembly and reassembly, streamlining the cleaning and maintenance process. This design consideration is vital for ensuring a hygienic living environment and facilitates long-term usage without the hassle.


Equipped with an oversized front door, this design ensures easy access for pets and fosters increased interaction opportunities. The ease of entry and exit is crucial for pets' happiness and convenience, making it a standout feature for a pet-friendly living environment.


Integrates an external bathroom to prevent sand spillage and maintain cleanliness, alongside a sunflower silent running wheel and double ball-bearing water bottles. These features address specific pet needs while prioritizing a clean, quiet, and convenient lifestyle, enhancing the overall well-being of pets and their living conditions.

Detailed display

Snap on both sides

Simple snap closure, press to remove

Silent bearing

Sport running wheels, silent and smooth


Tray on the bottom for easy cleanup


The cage is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety for your hamster.
Our wood is treated with a non-toxic, pet-safe finish to ensure longevity and resistance to moisture.
The cage comes with a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. Simply remove the tray, dispose of the bedding, and wipe down with a damp cloth. Ensure the cage is dry before adding fresh bedding.
Yes, the spacious design can accommodate multiple hamsters, but always ensure they are compatible to avoid conflicts.
The basic cage does not include accessories, but we offer a range of compatible toys, wheels, and hideouts that can be purchased separately.
The cage features a dual-side hollowed-out design, ensuring consistent and fresh air circulation for your hamster’s comfort.
While the wood is sturdy and durable, it’s natural for hamsters to chew. We recommend providing chew toys to divert their attention and protect the cage.
Absolutely! The cage comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The interlocking structure ensures a hassle-free assembly.
The cage dimensions are optimized for hamster comfort, but specific measurements can be found in the product description.
Yes, the high-quality acrylic panel is designed to be transparent and scratch-resistant, allowing you a clear view of your hamster’s activities.

Remember, it’s essential to regularly check on your hamster’s well-being and ensure the cage remains a safe and comfortable environment.


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